Sandy By The Bay. San Francisco, CA.

Sandy By The Bay. San Francisco, CA.


Hi, my name is Sandy Leung and I'm a San Francisco-based food photographer, food stylist, artist and journalist who documents, photographs and blogs about all things food-related, including up and coming chefs and entrepreneurs, restaurant & shop openings and special events within the Bay Area. I have contributed editorial and photography content for

I have a special eye and attention to detail that transforms the way food looks through my camera lens; it brings great joy to me to style and capture the beauty and essence of a dish and transform it from ordinary to extraordinary. I work tirelessly to craft the perfect shot, investing my heart and soul into every subject I photograph. Meticulously arranging food to create the ideal composition, standing on top of chairs to get the perfect angle, and finding only the most compelling backdrops and scenery to complement every dish. Follow me on my journey in documenting the great passions in my life: food, art and photography.

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